Escape from the Vault!

Escape from the Vault!

A post apocalytpic Roguelike by Max Breedon aka eggmceye

You wake up in your cell at the bottom of a fallout vault. The world is destroyed and all of the humans are dead.
It's time to get the hell out of here!

Download for windows here! (5Mb 2021.12.10)

For the 7dRL 2012 version, click here.




Mutant: Mutants get slight automatic health regeneration.

Alien: Can see well in the dark and have infravision.

Droid: Immune to poison and don't get hungry, but can't use bandages to heal. Droids must use spare parts to repair.



Soldier: The solider is a weapons specialist. Soliders learn special weapons skills to inflict maxium damage on their enemies.

Engineer: Engineers build dangerous gadgets out of spare parts, including IEDs, grenades and sentry guns. They can also make useful things like lockpicks and cloaking devices.

Televangelist: The televangelist uses the power of the lord to smite enemies with lightning bolts and earthquakes.



This game was made using the MOA (multiplayer online adventure) engine that powers EUOtopia. The engine has been in development since 1998! it is written in c++ and utilises Lua scripting, excel spreadsheets and a proprietry map format to help separate content from the engine.

A post apocalyptic MOA game has been brewing in my head since 2006. I devised the races and classes (and more) and made a few tiles in 2007 but otherwise it was abandoned. The 2012 7dRL competition has seen me resurrect these ideas and use them with the 2012 version of the reasonably stable MOA engine.

The main changes I made to the engine was a configuration option to allow it to be played in single player turn based mode.



Design, production, programming, art: Max Breedon

The MOA engine © 1998-2024 Max Breedon

Additional Lua scripting for the military base by Rusty of EUO

One of the Vault maps is based on the rogue algorthim from this page: art07_rogue_dungeon.php - another is based on RoguelikeMapgen.html

The continent map is based on perlin noise - originally from this page:

Graphics: much of it is rehashed from EUO, though much of it is original for this game. The original tileset for EUO was made by Josh Steele and traces of his work still appear in this game. The spider and scorpion are by Morthwyl of EUO. Wolf by Extell.

Sound: borrowed & found

Music: some midis from here: carolina/802/metal.html
Midi authors unknown
Tracks by various artists, used without permission. No claim of authorship made, etc.

Intro theme: He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies, Niel Diamond, etc

Vault: Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits

Caves: Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

Wasteland: You Could be Mine by Guns n Roses

Subway: Paint it Black by Rolling Stones (sourced via Google)

Military Base: War Pigs by Black Sabbath

End: Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkle